Eterbase, a European Crypto Exchange, Lost $1.6M As A Result Of a Hack Attack


As announced on their dedicated Telegram channel, small-time Slovakian crypto exchange, Eterbase, has fallen victim to another hack attack that seemingly targets crypto-based companies. According to Eterbase, hackers have successfully penetrated their hot wallets’ defenses and have since confirmed that it has indeed been sadly compromised.

The still-unidentified hackers used these wallets to siphon several bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), tezos, XRP, TRON, and algorand tokens amounting to an approximate total of $1.6 million. Eterbase disclosed the compromised wallet addresses on its Telegram channel but has decided to withhold further information until its investigation regarding the attack reached its conclusion. That being said, the Slovakian crypto firm did confirm that hackers dried out the wallets first before transferring the stolen funds into several public wallets.

Eterbase stated that it has already contacted the necessary agencies and law enforcement units to help them resolve this issue. It reassured its users that the firm is doing everything it can to mitigate damages and that uncompromised deposited assets would remain untouched following the hack attack. Notably, Eterbase has also decided to suspend trading operations and bank withdrawals up until Thursday, September 10.

Eterbase is yet to confirm whether it will reimburse the stolen user funds.


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