Ethereum 2.0’s Beacon Chain is Finally Here


As promised by the Ethereum network, the beacon chain for the highly-awaited Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is now finally here. After several delays and literal years of hard work, the blockchain’s scalability upgrade’s first phase has finally arrived on December 1, 2020. Just hours from launching, it already completed the blockchain as it immediately hit the minimum stake participation rate required with little-to-no issues found.

The December 1 launch of Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain somewhat became a bit blurry this early November. In fact, it was only this last week wherein the planned launch date was officially confirmed

After a slow and rocky start, it was only mere hours before the professed “genesis day” wherein the staking total finally reached its goal. Nonetheless, Ethereum made good on its promise, and the people behind it are understandably happy.

The mystery surrounding Ethereum 2.0’s genesis block

While the launch went well and as planned, people from the industry noticed something puzzling about Ethereum 2.0’s first block. On it, a very peculiar and downright surprising message was written that got everyone confused. Instead of the conventional homage to the blockchain’s first launch or directed shots to conventional banks, Ethereum 2.0’s genesis block contained a simple message: “Mr. F was here.”

Now, who exactly is Mr. F? At first, people on Twitter speculated Mr. F to be a direct reference to the season 3 episode of the popular TV show Arrested Development, wherein the same mysterious Mr. F baffled everyone – only to realize that it is but an inappropriate acronym.  However, that fun and truly clever reference were junked almost immediately. It turns out; Ethereum 2.0’s Mr. F’s origin is a bit different – and much more straightforward.

As per several screenshots of a particular Discord conversation, a pseudonymous personality only known as Mr. Fahrenheit was credited as the creator of the network upgrade’s genesis block. Although no one knows him yet, several reports confirm him as a decentralized app (dApp) developer who is well-accustomed to the Ethereum blockchain.

Going back to the Discord conversation, Ethereum Foundation’s very own Hudson Jameson was in talks with Mr. Fahrenheit himself that finally cleared the Mr. F mystery. In it, he asked the anonymous developer whether he was indeed behind the first block and if the message it contained references Arrested Development. Mr. Fahrenheit answered yes to the first and then no to the latter – confirming that Mr. F is simply an acronym for himself and nothing more to ponder upon.



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