Ethereum Announces New Wave Of Grants Amounting To Over $3.8 Million


According to the Ethereum Blog posted this last September 8th, there has been a new wave of generous grants awarded to the teams working on the Ethereum Foundation (EF). This reportedly amounts to over $3.8 million and is handed out as the foundation’s way of giving thanks to the team’s continual support throughout the tumultuous 2020. The teams awarded by the grants are those that are working on education, community development, cryptography, developer experience, tier-2 scaling applications, and the upcoming Ethereum 2.0.

Diving into the specifics, the $3.8 million grant budget will be distributed to 28 particular researchers and companies. This includes the Beacon Fuzz for its contribution to the development of the ETH 2.0, Akomba Labs for its continual emphasis to elevate education and community development, and the FOSS responders for its unrelenting efforts to combat the effects of the ongoing pandemic through their support towards various open-source projects. The full list of the grantees is listed on the initiative’s website.

This announcement came a month following the foundation’s reveal that it is developing a specialized security team for the ETH 2.0, which can be interpreted by many as EF’s latest move focused on scaling. Notably, this is EF’s second wave of generous grants, as it has already handed out over $2 million to 8 particular projects under it the months prior.


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