Ethereum Overtakes Bitcoin in Total Non-Zero Balance Addresses


As per the data published by Glassnode, there are now more non-zero Ethereum (ETH) addresses compared to Bitcoin’s (BTC). It notes that 14,820,771 were added to the total number of non-zero balance Ethereum addresses this year alone, putting the overall total at 49.6 million wallets – significantly above Bitcoin’s 32.5 million. This development marks a 13% increase from last year’s figures and 5% from 2018’s. This also notably sets a brand new high for the surging network.

Furthermore, the network also successfully surpassed its all-time record for the total number of ETH wallets with at least 1 ETH this past November 19 – reaching more than 1.17 million. This is slightly different from the previous record stated above, as it’s worth noting that users may hold a fraction of crypto. This means that non-zero balance ETH wallets do not necessarily have to contain 1 ETH as it may keep just a portion of it. On top of that, it is best to remember that this does not necessarily mean that all 1.17 million are completely different users. Individual entities can freely create multiple wallets if they do so wish.

Notably, ETH currently has a market value of over $500 while still holding an upward trajectory.


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