Ethereum’s MetaMask is Back on Google Play’s App Store


Metamask, a crypto wallet that links the Ethereum Blockchain to standard browsers, announced that it is back on track. In a Twitter post sent on January 1, the team behind the browser extension revealed that Google has finally lifted the ban imposed on the add-on last week.

Notably, Metamask is an Ethereum-based a browser extension that can be used Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox browsers. It comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to run decentralized applications (dApps) that are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Notably, Users can do so without the need to run a full network node.  

On December 26, Google suspended Metamask’s mobile application from Google Play’s App store, claiming that the browser extension has violated the company’s policies on financial services. Google emphasized that it is firmly against crypto mining conducted via mobile devices. 

The team behind Metamask immediately appealed to Google about its wrong allegations; however, the company refused to review the matter right away. Dan Findlay, the co-developer of Metamask, said that he feels disappointed about Google’s approach to decentralized technologies.

After a week, Findlay announced that Google has lifted the ban and that Metamask can be downloaded again from Google Play’s App Store. He also took a moment to extend his gratitude to the believers who voiced out their support to Metamask. 

As for the start of this year, Findlay reflected on what happened and shared with Metamask’s supporters that what happened had been an eye-opener for the whole team. He said that it only made them stronger and more resilient as a community.




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