Fidelity Is Hiring Bitcoin Mining Engineers to Upscale Their Crypto Operations


The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, or FCAT, has been reported to be looking for engineers in the field of Bitcoin Mining in an effort to scale their cryptocurrency mining operations. This proposal came from the team responsible for the Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS), Fidelity’s trading arm in crypto

The recruit will then be put into the position of supporting the company’s mining operations as per their partnership with Blockstream. As you may remember back in June of 2019, the company leased two data centers from Blockstream, a group of Bitcoin developers.

As per the job listing posted on the company’s official website, the coming Bitcoin mining engineer will go and join a group assigned to FCAT, who, in turn, is responsible for exploring technologies regarding Blockchain. The engineer candidate that luckily lands the job would be tasked to build and maintain an infrastructure that is responsible for running and scaling the Bitcoin mining operation of Fidelity.

They are searching for candidates that have experience in establishing databases with a minimum experience in software development and information technology operations of three years. Needless to say, they should have a keen interest in crypto mining and Bitcoin.

It was as early as January 20, wherein Fidelity reportedly opened up the particular job offering. That being said, the company hasn’t yet found a suitable recruit even after a month had passed already.

Fidelity’s relationship with crypto

Fidelity has been flirting around the crypto industry for quite some time now. Back in 2018, the asset management giant released a Bitcoin-based trading service that targets institutional clients – in an example, hedge funds.

Right after that, it’s crypto branch continued expanding its reach within the industry. Just this October 2019, they launched their own crypto custody services in an effort to compete with Bakkt and Coinbase custody. And then, by November the same year, it successfully obtained the required license from the New York Department of Financial Services or NYDFS.

Before the final hours of 2019, in December, Fidelity’s Digital Assets expanded overseas by way of opening up a UK-based branch. As of the moment, FDAS exclusively supports Bitcoin, but representatives within the company hint that by 2020, Ethereum (ETH) will be added in as well.


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