Fluffypony Steps Down as XMR’s Lead Maintainer


Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni, the lead maintainer of privacy-oriented altcoin Monero (XMR), is allegedly stepping down from his position.

Announced by the crypto project’s core team on Monday, Fluffypony has decided to abandon his position after leading the project since its launch in 2014. His project tasks will be passed on to Snipa, but he would remain involved in Monero as a backup maintainer. Spagni also plans to carry on developing Tari, an asset protocol built on the Monero Blockchain. 

Meanwhile, though Spagni previously revealed that he is growing tired of the project, the reason for his sudden stepping down remains unknown. He told that he will always be a privacy activist and a part of the Monero community, but he also felt like his duties need to be reduced.

Snipa is one of the long-time sponsors to the XMR project as to why Spagni’s replacement is not surprising at all. He was recognized for developing Monero’s famous piece of pool software and supporting the system with well-connected nodules.

In the meantime, Luigi1111 will act like the CLI repository’s back up maintainer. Snip and Fluffypony will both be eligible as the project’s back up CLI release engineers, according to the announcement. Indeed Fluffypony’s other obligations have also been handled by other contributors.

Monero’s price fell to $44 on Wednesday from Monday’s $51 and is now trading at nearly $46. Other cryptocurrencies have also dropped down during this period. Recently, several crypto exchanges, including OKEx Korea and BitBay, publicized their decision to delist Monero.


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