Former Bitcoin Miner Gets $8M from a 2010 Forgotten BTC Stash


On March 10, the Bitcoin (BTC) community was all eyes on a thread posted by a former miner hobbyist to crypto forum site Bitcointalk. Commenting under the name “whoamisoon”, the self-claimed “newbie” shared about the rediscovery of a wallet.dat file that contains Bitcoin Stash.

Notably, “whoamisoon” had gone to a hiatus since 2010 and just accidentally found out the USB storage device. Notably, the old wallet contains 1000 BTC mined via GPU on August 24, 2010, as well as multiple Bitcoin forks. 

In the forum, the former BTC miner asked for advice on how to transfer the BTC so that it could be sold. In the thread, the newbie also wondered whether the wallet holds that same quantity of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and if the tokens can be sold as well. 

The community had been helpful, and the user couldn’t help but express immense delight. Notably, since going on a hiatus almost ten years ago, the user didn’t bother to check about Bitcoin forks. 

A fortune from Bitcoin

Before that day ended, it has been identified that 1000 BTC were transferred on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Though it wasn’t publicly disclosed, many believe that the tokens belonged to the newbie. It also appeared that the receiver was a Coinbase-supported wallet. 

Two days after the controversial thread, the user expressed his gratitude to the community members who assisted in recovering the Bitcoin stash. According to the new post, it has been a great experience and that the overall return had been impressive. The user also promised that he would help others in the future as well. 

The thread left Bitcoin enthusiasts speculating how much “whoamisoon” earned from his stash. Notably, if the liquidation took place before March 13, the user had likely taken home around $8 million, with the crypto trading between $7,500 and $8,000 around that time. There’s also an additional $500,000 for the BCH and Bitcoin SV (BSV) forked coins. 


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