Former CEO of HSBC Europe, James Emmett, Is Now Part of the Libra Initiative


As announced today by the Libra Association, James Emmett, the former CEO of HSBC Europe, will now take the reigns as the initiative’s managing director and chief executive starting October 1st. Emmett has been at the radar of Libra for quite a while now, stating that his remarkable experience in the fields of finance, strategy, business, operations, and technology will undoubtedly be fruitful for the initiative.

Emmett states that he feels delighted for the opportunity to work with the Libra Association. He adds that he shares the initiative’s passion regarding the pursuit to revolutionize finance and technology worldwide. He then vows to do his part to deliver all the promises made by the initiative to the world.

It is no secret that Libra is currently facing challenging times as per the slew of controversies directed at it from many different countries. In fact, some of its initial plans have already been scraped and immediately replaced as many regulators and political advisors around the world are doing its best to hinder the progress of the project – fearing that Libra could bring downfall to the global stability and financial sovereignty.

In an effort to appeal to its global contradictors, Libra has since been hiring legal professionals that have notable ties with the government. It also believes that taking Emmett under its wings would help smoothen out countless controversies surrounding it. Libra recognizes that the path will be undisputedly hard. However, the project firmly believes what it is capable of and will undoubtedly do its best to turn its promises into reality.



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