Former Sushiswap Head, Chef Nomi, Apologizes and Returns $14M Developer Fund


The controversial former head of the DeFi unicorn SushiSwap, Chef Nomi, suddenly had a change of heart – returning the developer fund that he reportedly took away with him as he stepped away from the company amounting to $14 million worth of ETH. Not only that, but he also admitted to his mistakes and has apologized to the parties he took advantage of as well as the general public.

On a series of apologetic tweets, Chef Nomi confirmed that he has returned the 38,000 ETH down to the last token and has left it to the community to decide how much he deserves to get as SushiSwap’s founder.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the new head of SushiSwap, stated that he is happy that Nomi decided to return the ETH dev fund as it was the absolute right decision. That being said, he exclaimed that even though Nomi did the right thing in the end, people shouldn’t still forget his wrongs.

Lastly, Chef Nomi says that he is still open to help develop some of the project’s technology if the community does still decide to welcome him.


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