Fox Allots $100 Million Creative Fund to Upscale Its Recently Launched NFT Studio


Fox Entertainment has reportedly launched a $100 million creative fund in the effort of expediting the growth of Blockchain Creative Labs, its newly-launched non-fungible token (NFT) firm, this past May. According to the mass media titan, the allotted $100 million will be utilized to further support its content creators, advertising conglomerates, and IP owners to ensure its NFT ecosystem continues to thrive.

Within this particular development, the CEO of Bento Box Entertainment, the Fox-owned animation studio responsible for the popular animated series “Bob’s Burger,” Scott Greenberg, would be the one to lead the NFT Studio and will be reporting directly to Fox CEO Charlie Collier. As per Greenberg, Fox and Bento Box are placing itself in a very unique position wherein it can deliver excellent offerings not only to its consumers but also to the digital asset and NFT marketplace.

With all that being said, Fox is yet to reveal which animated series from its esteemed collection would be getting its dedicated NFTs in Blockchain Creative Labs. While many believe that Fox’s long-running animated series “The Simpsons” would be the first to receive the honor, there is now brewing speculation that Bento Box-produced series’ would get special treatment, seeing as Greenberg would be the studio’s overseer.


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