George Soros Reveals Involvement with Cryptocurrencies; Says That BTC Has Now Hit Mainstream


Soros Fund Management CEO Dawn Fitzpatrick revealed today via an interview with Bloomberg that George Soros, the billionaire investor behind the highly-acclaimed investment firm, indeed owns some cryptocurrencies.

While not directly specifying which crypto the fund has invested in, many speculate that Fitzpatrick refers to Bitcoin (BTC).

In addition to that, she also stated that Soros is currently seeing cryptocurrencies beyond its common denotation of being an inflation hedge. In fact, according to her, at least, George Soros believes that BTC has now hit the mainstream.

To support such claims, Fitzpatrick pointed out the total crypto market capitalization, which is now high above the $2 trillion mark, while also referring to the 200 million crypto users worldwide.

Taking such figures into consideration does indeed make a case for BTC now being in the mainstream.

Soros Fund Management’s confirmation of its involvement within the crypto space builds upon its 2018 statement that it is eyeing digital asset investments.

While it took them several years to finally do so, especially after George Soros himself referred to digital currencies as not being a viable currency in the future, reports popped up this past July stating that the billionaire investor’s family office has now finally begun transacting using BTCs.


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