Goldman Sachs Survey: More and More Family Offices Are Looking To Cryptos


Goldman Sachs’ latest survey reveals that more and more family offices now see cryptocurrencies as viable alternatives against several economic issues, such as the rising inflation rates, impulsive macroeconomic events, and currency debasements. As per the survey, which involved 150 family offices around the world, 15% admits to having already hold cryptos, while 45% expressed serious interest in investing in the digital asset.

It is also worth noting that 67% of the firms involved in the survey have over $1 billion worth of assets under management, with 22% of them boasting more than $5 billion. While most are leaning into the immense promise possessed by cryptos, a portion of the respondents still feels wary about its innate volatile nature, thus, explaining their abhorrence to the booming asset class.

This latest survey by Goldman Sachs arrived just months after it released a research report which established cryptos as a legitimate global asset class. Back then, Goldman Sachs’ report declared that many are now seeing cryptos, primarily Bitcoin (BTC), as a brand new asset class, which is remarkable because it is not often that such emerges.

This new survey and reports recently published by Goldman Sachs are a stark contrast to its views regarding cryptos just a year prior, where it seemingly branded digital assets as not viable asset class.


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