Grayscale Investor Study: Bitcoin Undoubtedly Benefited from the Pandemic


The world’s most prominent asset manager for cryptos, Grayscale, has recently published its annual Bitcoin Investor Study.  Within the said survey report, Grayscale concludes that America-based investors are more interested in Bitcoin than last year. Notably, the report seemingly shows that the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 has proved beneficial for Bitcoin.

Grayscale’s survey report recapitulates the opinions of 1,000 America-based investors between the ages of 25 and 65 regarding Bitcoin. Grayscale found out that the most typical Bitcoin investor is a young employed male with a college degree – just what they were expecting. That being said, the survey only includes those who have over $50,000 household income.

Furthermore, the report has also successfully reinforced the notion that investors grew fond of Bitcoin because of their desire to search for new investments. Bitcoin investors are perceived as smart risk-takers and always keep up with the latest financial news, said Grayscale’s report.

Again, these are all practically public knowledge. What caught the eyes of many with the particular Grayscale report is the fact that it seemingly shows that the coronavirus has been good for Bitcoin.

This 2020, over 55% of Grayscale’s survey respondents have shown significant interest in Bitcoin investing – a major increase from last year’s recorded 36%. Among those who declared their interest in investing in Bitcoin, 83% have actually already made investments last 2019 and plans to do so this year as well.

Of its respondents who have admittedly invested in Bitcoin already, 63% say that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted their investment decision. Meanwhile, 39% says that the ongoing pandemic has made Bitcoin more captivating. Grayscale summarizes this development by stating that market investors are currently seeking for more secured investments, and Bitcoin seemingly became their go-to.


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