Hotbit Temporarily Shuts Down After Being Targeted By a Cyber-Attack


China-based crypto exchange, Hotbit, announced this past Thursday on its official website that a severe cyber-attack has targeted it. As a result, the exchange opted to halt several of its essential services temporarily.

According to the reports, while the hackers did manage to penetrate the exchange’s user data log, the adverse players were thankfully unsuccessful in their attempts to compromise Hotbit’s registered user wallets. Understandably, Hotbit now warns its customers not to communicate with any person claiming to be its official representatives. They will be the ones to reach out themselves, says Hotbit.

Following this, Hotbit released a statement claiming that it is now actively cooperating with some of the world’s most-renowned internet security groups to get onto the bottom of this recent attack and to upgrade the exchange’s overall security level further. The exchange then noted that all pending trading orders before the unsuccessful attack would promptly be canceled to prevent further losses – Hotbit promises to take full responsibility.

Hotbit is expected to remain in maintenance status for the next week or so. It would admittedly take its time to refurbish and investigate all of its underlying services to mitigate instances such as this even further. On top of that, the exchange also disclosed its plans to upscale its systems and revamp offered services completely.

Despite Hotbit’s attempts to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, many of its users still express significant unrest and dismay, evidenced by the many adverse comments the exchange is receiving recently on its social media accounts.


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