Hyperledger Welcomes Microsoft and Salesforce in Their Blockchain Consortium


On Tuesday, Hyperledger announced the newest members of its blockchain ecosystem. Based on the report, eight software companies officially joined the blockchain consortium. Among these recruits are two of the world’s largest enterprise in terms of revenue –Microsoft and Salesforce.

Hyperledger is a global collaboration that aims to develop next-generation applications that promote accountability, trust, and transparency at its core. The Linux Foundation hosts the open source collaborative project.

Aside from Microsoft and Salesforce, Hyperledger also welcomed Norilsk Nickel, a metal company based in Russia, Gloscad, a Poland-based tech company that develops solutions for the top challenges in the agriculture industry, and Milligan, a supply chain management company based in the US.

These companies will pay their dues to Hyperledger based on their size and revenue. The funds will be used to develop applications using the technology. According to the executive director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf, the new members joined not because of their academic interests but because of their objectives of getting things done easier in the real world.

Behlendorf also mentioned the three organizations that wanted to take part in the umbrella project. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the Ethereum Foundation, GS1 joins the blockchain consortium as associate members. However, these organizations will not be required to pay their dues. Instead, this category includes open-source projects, non-profits, and government entities.

Hyperledger had been attacked by controversies in the past, with skeptics questioning whether the blockchain consortium will be able to get the projects done. As a response, Behlendorf mentioned that the growing list of their members suggests a promising future for enterprise blockchain. He also added that the uncertain status of the cryptocurrency market in the last two years wasn’t that dramatic on the enterprise’s landscape.

A Brief Background of the New Giants Forces

Microsoft is not new in the blockchain space. They’ve been operating for several years with a focus on decentralized identity. They are also involved with the Decentralized Identity Foundation as well as with the World Wide Web Consortium. As the new member, Microsoft will be joining IBM, its long term rival, in offering Hyperledger’s Fabric platform as a blockchain option on Asure, the company’s cloud service.

Salesforce is also considered as an IT giant. Just recently, the company had its blockchain debut with the launching of Salesforce Blockchain. This product is based on Hyperledger Sawtooth, and it will be used in the establishment and maintenance of blockchain networks.

Norilsk Nickel, on the other hand, is worth mentioning as well. Although this company is not as famous as the first two in tech circles, Hyperledger is also pleased the welcome the largest producer of palladium nickel and copper in the world. Norilsk Nickel had been exploring the blockchain market for a while now and they are currently working on Hyperledger Fabric, a tokenized platform that will be launched before this year ends.

The spokesperson of the Linux Foundation, Emily Fisher, announced that the Hyperledger community has now 270 members.


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