Iconloop Secures the Approval for Blockchain-Based Driver’s License Testing


Iconloop, has reportedly secured the approval of South Korea’s Ministry of Science of and ICT to go ahead with the testing of its blockchain-based driver’s licenses management.

As per the company’s press release regarding the subject, the decentralized identity (DID) tech system is meticulously developed under a particular regulatory sandbox. This allows them to conduct testing using the DID technology for driver’s licenses management with the ultimate goal of eliminating forgery incidences and to better protect the personal data of South Korean citizens.

The CEO of Iconloop, Jonghyup Kim, commented on this development by saying that the firm prioritizes the self-sovereignty and security of personal data above all else. He then adds that the offline authentication processes of yesteryears are now readily available on mobile applications such as that of Zzeung, which would then allow its users to manage their very own verified information.

This forthcoming blockchain DID tech system for driver’s licenses by Iconloop is actually its second government-supported testing within the past year. Back in August of 2020, reports broke down that Jeju Island administrators are utilizing Iconloop’s DID tech to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic via contact tracings.

Iconloop’s experience handling DID’s gives South Korea confidence regarding the proposed blockchain-based driver’s licenses. Considering that a reported 1 million South Korean citizens already have blockchain driver’s licenses, Iconloop’s entry in the particular prospect cannot come at a better time.


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