Injective Protocol Introduces an Incentive Program Worth $120M Alongside Its Mainnet Launch


Injective Protocol, a DeFi cross-chain trading platform, announced today following its official mainnet launch the rollout of its proposed liquidity incentive program targeting market makers, traders, and fellow DeFi entities worth $120 million.

Established using Cosmos, Injective Protocol is a tier 2 cross-chain protocol built specifically for decentralized derivatives trading. As per the protocol’s mainnet launch announcement, Injective’s decentralized exchange (DEX) allows users to freely create and trade crypto derivatives and spots across various blockchains instantaneously without any underlying fees.

On top of reaffirming that the exchange is fully decentralized, Injective also claims that it is built to be fully transparent and operable while supplying its users with the same level of experience they may have grown accustomed to on centralized exchanges. CEO of Injective Protocol, Eric Chen, states that the platform’s mission has always been to develop the most robust cross-chain trading protocol for bona fide decentralized derivatives trading.

That may be, Injective Protocol is currently only offering five tradeable assets: Bitcoin, Wrapped Ethereum, Chainlink, Axie Infinity, and its native token INJ. Going by the statements released by Injective, this soon will change.

As for the $120 million incentives program mentioned above, officially named Astro, Injective business development head Mirza Uddin states that they expect the program to last for the next five years or so. He adds that they expect the incentive program to attract new market makers and players while also providing traders with excellent fee rebates just by utilizing the platform.

As tantalizing as that may sound, Uddin also confirms that Injective is already looking at further programs that they may introduce down the line to attract even more developers onboard.


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