Interest in BTC-related Jobs Continues to Decline as Employers’ Demands Go Up

crypto-jobs, a recruitment platform based in Texas, released a paper that describes the current status of the Bitcoin job market. Despite the threats of regulatory uncertainties, sanctions, price fluctuations, and other pressing concerns associated with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, it turns out that employers are more willing than ever to invest in new talents. 

According to the report, the number of job postings in the Bitcoin industry soared by 26% as compared to last year. However, the number of searches for crypto and Blockchain-related jobs moved in contrast. The drastic drop accounts for 53%.  

Source: Indeed

The contrasting figures inspired to take an in-depth look as to how the increasing adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies had affected the interest of jobseekers. As innovations relying on the technologies mentioned above continue to fill headlines, it becomes even more interesting to take a glimpse of what the market would look like in the future. 

As emphasized by, in the course of four years, 2015-2019, the employers’ demands for new tech talents soared by 1, 457%. Meanwhile, the share of searches per million only increased by 469%. Previously, the research firm had already published an article that outlines the possible reasons for the massive decline in jobseekers’ interest.

Source: Indeed

As theorized, the volatility of Bitcoin, its ever-changing price, could have played a significant role in the drastic drop. However, the new research suggests that the market shift that happened after the 2017 bull run had left an impact on Bitcoin enthusiasts. In 2018, the bullish market suddenly reversed to a bear one. 

However, despite uncertainties, there is no doubt that these emerging technologies promise thousands of potentials. The growing adoption makes employers and investors feel more confident in riding the waves. Their need for new talents that would help them explore the benefits of such technologies had ballooned.

In the paper, ranked the tech roles that have the highest number of demand from employers. Software engineer got the first spot, followed by senior software manager and software architect. The fourth and fifth spot goes to full stack developer and front-end developer. Meanwhile, the top five companies that are actively seeking for new tech talents are Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Cisco, and Collin Aerospace. 

Source: Indeed

In conclusion, wrote that as Blockchain and cryptocurrencies continue to gain worldwide traction, companies, regardless of size and experience, would find its ways towards these industries. Long-term investments are popping now and then, and even nations are joining the revolution. The same trend is likely to be witnessed again throughout the next year and beyond. 


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