Investors from UK May Now Add Their Cryptos within Their Respective Bank Accounts


Money Dashboard, a UK-based finance tool, is purportedly enabling its 600,000 concurrent users to view their present crypto holdings in the same light as their bank accounts and other money products within its native mobile application.

As per the reports, this is made possible by the UK firm’s service partnership with the Dallas-based crypto software company, Zabo, wherein it aims to integrate crypto wallets fully into bank accounts. As a result of this new development, Money Dashboard application users can now access their transactions and balances on some of the world’s most prominent crypto exchanges. This includes Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Binance.

This collaboration initiative with Money Dashboard is notably the first time Zabo ever made with a UK-based firm. As per the software company’s co-founder, Christopher Brown, Zabo’s ultimate goal is to streamline the whole process of coexisting crypto and traditional finance together. Brown then further stated that this would only be made possible by partnering with financial services companies, such as Money Dashboard.

Considering that the UK Financial Conduct Authority approximates that about 1.9 million adults living in the territory currently hold crypto, many would undoubtedly find this development as good news.


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