Iran May Soon See Its Car Imports Funded By Cryptocurrencies


As per the ArzDigital, Kish Free Zone Organization’s head, Gholam Hossein Mozaffari, proposed a notion to the government of Iran that may see the country’s car imports within the Kish Island be paid off with cryptocurrencies. Mozaffari noted that the rial, Iran’s national currency, hyperinflation, and the country’s tumultuous economic scene as the main reason for the newly proposed notion.

Mozaffari has added that Iran’s Kish Island is already on the process of mining cryptocurrencies and that he hopes that his meeting with the regulators would turn out fruitful and to their favor. After all, the final say still lies with the Central Bank of Iran, who has notably stated previously that crypto funding is improbable as of the moment because of the country’s current adverse inflation rates.

That being said, Mozaffari and his organization remain hopeful and optimistic. In fact, the Kish Free Zone Organization has already started talks with several private sector companies to develop a stable crypto transaction framework.

Notably, Mozaffari’s meeting with the Iran Central Bank is scheduled to take place next week.


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