Iranian Police Confiscate 7,000 Crypto Mining Devices as part of the Country’s Four-Month Ban


As part of the country’s four-month nationwide ban on crypto mining, which started this past May, Iranian provincial police announced the seizing of 7,000 crypto mining computers located on an abandoned factory in Tehran. Mining experts believe that the confiscated mining equipment could roughly amount to 4% of the daily energy consumption of the entire country when operated at total capacity. This reinforces the now-global notion that the industry is indeed consuming too much energy.

Chief Tehran police, Hossein Rahimi, states that the authorities managed to locate another 3,000 miners across the capital of Iran in the past two days. Notably, the police raided over 50 different locations. Rahimi adds that today’s discovered 7,000 crypto mining devices are by far the largest and most significant seizure of mining equipment the country has done so far.

Iran’s ongoing ban against crypto mining is said to be a part of the country’s wider efforts to expand electricity availability, which, in turn, hopes to prevent further nationwide blackouts or shortages.

While the seizure of thousands and thousands of miners would definitely be the talk of the town, the Iranian police reiterate that they aren’t going soft on the less significant players. The Islamic Republic News Agency, or IRNA, reported earlier today that the authorities discovered four illegally operating miners at a particular home in Pakdasht through power consumption monitoring of households within the area.


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