Italy’s Red Cross Launched a Crypto-Based Fundraiser in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


The Red Cross of Italy and the Colli Albani Committee partnered up with Helperbit to announce that they will be joint launching a crypto-based fundraiser campaign to combat the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic within the country. The announcement regarding the fundraising was made this last March 12th and purportedly be including Bitcoin (BTC) among other forms of cryptocurrencies.

The proceeds from the launching campaign is said to be used in order to set up a second-level advanced health post in an effort to control the COVID-19 cases within Italy. It aims to hit a substantial goal of 10,000 Euros which will then be used to purchase necessary medicinal equipment for the said infrastructure. The funds that would remain after that will then go to the medical staff that is enlisted to the launching project as their cover fees.

Colli Albani Committee’s president, Bruno Pietrosanti, stated that this project aims to lighten the pressure regarding hospitalizations due to the massive increase in patients compromised by the virus and the reduction in numbers wherein they can be admitted to within the country.

As of the moment of this writing, Italy has already recorded more than 17,600 different cases of coronavirus infections with over 1,200 of it succumbing to its grim symptoms.

With regards to the execution of the initiative in partnership with Helperbit, a Blockchain-based startup that provides a stage for various charities, Pietrosanti believes that this revolutionary fundraising project will indeed succeed.

Other organizations are willing to help out the campaign by Red Cross

Other than the joint effort of the three organizations aforementioned above, some organizations are also seemingly ready to support the cause. A Fintech startup that functions within the cryptocurrency sector to help community proposals, Young Srl, and the non-profit association that reveals information regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain within the Italian territories, the Blockchain Education Network Italy, has actively supported the campaign by Red Cross.

The CEO of Young Srl, Andrea Ferrero, expressed his views towards the utilization of Blockchain for the fundraiser by saying that he has strong belief that the innovative technology is more than able to support such initiative. Ferrero stated that Young Srl aims to develop new models to elevate already existing procedures, meaning that they will always be open and in the forefront to support any charitable projects – such as these of the Red Cross.

A representative from the Blockchain Education Network Italy, Emiliano Palermo, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of such platforms that offer up transparency within donations amidst the crisis in the country.



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