Jack Dorsey Announces His Plans to Create a Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund


Former CEO of Twitter and current head honcho of Block (formerly known as Square), Jack Dorsey, proves once again his commitment to rendering the crypto space more welcoming – for consumers and developers alike. This January 12th, Dorsey announced via an email to several Bitcoin (BTC) developers his intentions to create a particular nonprofit organization tasked with helping them to better face potential lawsuits, the “Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund.”

According to the email sent by Dorsey, the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund intends to alleviate the legal nuisances that tend to discourage developers from participating further in any Bitcoin-related projects. He then clarified that the fund does not seek to raise any extra income in exchange for its operations. That being said, Dorsey’s letter also implied that the fund might indeed do so in some instances, particularly when the board believes that more money is needed to facilitate further legal action or pay staff more.

At its early stages, the particular fund will include several volunteers and freelance lawyers to which Bitcoin developers may take advantage of whenever they need. However, it is also worth noting that the fund’s board of directors would be the ones to pick which defendants or lawsuits they may want to give help. This means that even though every developer has the means to seek help via the fund, not all would be lucky to receive a response.

Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund’s first foray will reportedly be to assist the developers currently entangled with the Tulip Trading Lawsuit of Ramona Ang.


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