Jack Dorsey Does Not See the Same Potential as Others on Ethereum, Based On His Latest Series of Tweets


On a series of tweets August 12 to early August13, Twitter CEO and prominent Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist, Jack Dorsey, downplayed the potential of Ethereum (ETH) to take on “big tech” companies down the line, such as Facebook, Google, and his Twitter.

This online discussion then spilled out to the topic of non-fungible tokens being integrated into Twitter, which Dorsey states would indeed significantly benefit Ethereum but not much of his platform.

Despite minting a collection of ETH-based NFTs not long ago specifically for charity, Dorsey remained firm that he won’t invest in the second largest crypto. In fact, the ETH he gained from said NFT sale charity was immediately converted to BTC at that time, leading many to believe that Dorsey does indeed hate Ethereum.

When one platform user asked Dorsey why he hates ETH, and if he does not see it as an alternative to BTC, the Twitter CEO responded that focus on one does not mean that he hates others.

He adds that he has made himself clear time and time again about his stance and views regarding BTC, which he firmly believes would one day be the sole currency of the internet. Nevertheless, many industry experts still see Ethereum as a critical component that could revolutionize social media platforms single-handedly.


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