Job Postings for Block Reveals Dorsey’s Current Plans to Develop Hardware Wallets and Create the Next Generation of BTC Mining ASICs


Jack Dorsey’s crypto-focused company, Block – formerly known as Square, posted two job notices on LinkedIn to which then revealed its Bitcoin-related plans within the horizon. According to the job postings, Dorsey’s Block aims to develop a hardware wallet for the incoming millions of BTC users and create the next generation of BTC mining ASICs. The two roles, which are for a logistics lead and a custom digital design lead, will reportedly be based at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

The logistics lead Block is currently searching for would purportedly spearhead its current efforts to supply hardware wallets that would make asset custodial much easier for its global audience. Impressively enough, Block intends to distribute the aforementioned hardware wallets to more than 100 countries.

As for the next job posting, which is for the role of a custom digital design lead, the qualified candidate will play a pivotal part in creating what Block itself is calling the next generation of BTC mining ASICs, or application-specific integrated circuit. On top of that, this particular job notice also confirms that the company aims to create purpose-built ASICs specifically for BTC mining.

To the eyes of many, this recent job posting of Block co-aligns with Dorsey’s 2021 announcement that his company – still referred to as Square back then – is on the verge of creating a BTC mining framework on customized silicon. Not only that, but it also would reportedly be open source so that businesses and individuals from all parts of the world may use it freely.


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