Joe Rogan, Prefers the Crypto-Supported Brave Browser over Google Chrome

Joe Rogan

The Brave browser has been gaining more and more well-deserved traction as of late. The crypto-supported private web browser can now add the famous podcast host and MMA enthusiast, Joe Rogan, in the list of their most noteworthy users.

This follows the reports that the browser has gained more than a million users just this last March as a result of their enhanced focus to bring private browsing experience to the world. As Coinmod previously reported, Brave has also recently launched the feature for users to engage in highly-encrypted video conferences, which garnered positive reviews.

Rogan is now part of the long list of users who prefer the privacy centric Brave over the conventional Google Chrome. This is because they believe that the former offers more user data protection compared to that of the latter, which purposefully tracks user browsing habits to hand out targeted advertisements to receive elevated revenue streams.

In the latest episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience”, the personality’s podcast show, Rogan interviewed the musician Reggie Watts. The interviewee expressed his views over the Brave browser, wherein he stated that he sometimes uses it to explore various sponsored products without having to worry that his preferences are being tracked.

Rogan then jumped on to this by saying that he, too, uses Brave. Rogan talked about how he sometimes finds himself spooked whenever he observes that many ads are seemingly following him as browsers track browsing history and tendencies to cater targeted advertisements to its users.

Despite just being a few second discussion, on a two and more hour-long podcast, this exchange between two recognizable personalities may be seen as Brave gaining more and more popularity. And now that the browser has been seemingly advertised to the millions and millions of followers Rogan and Watts collectively have, we can safely expect Brave to gain more traction over the coming days.


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