Jorge Izquierdo Steps down as Aragon CEO in Protest of the Firm’s ‘Questionable’ Governance Decisions


Jorge Izquierdo, the now-former CEO of the decentralized management platform, Aragon One, announces his departure from the project following its merging with Vocdoni among other – from his own words – ‘questionable’ governance decisions. As per Izquierdo, the Aragon Association made several controversial decisions that he is wholly disagreed with in the weeks wherein he is away from work due to his doctor’s recommendation.

The former CEO then stated that he doesn’t refer to the company’s recent merging with the governance and voting solution provider, Vocdoni Protocol, as his primary reason for leaving. Instead, he states that he is no longer happy with the current state of the Association – believing that it no longer has the capability to fulfill its many lofty promises and commitments. Izquierdo adds that he has tried his best for the longest time to shift the platform’s direction for the better but has ultimately been ignored, and thus, his reason for departure.

With all that being said, Izquierdo plans to remain on Aragon Association’s board as well as an active community member.

Aragon merges with Vocdoni

Aragon announces that it has now officially purchased the company responsible for the Vocdoni protocol, Dvote Labs OU. In light of the said acquisition, Aragon plans to assign 11 Vocdoni members to the brand new company under the two parties’ mutual control. Notably, the platform states that this decision is made in the hopes of raising its capability to govern DAOs, among many other noteworthy beneficial reasons.

The announcement adds that the teams involved are set to build an integrated and complex solution in the hopes of elevating Aragon’s ecosystem. Joe Charlesworth, Aragon Association’s executive director, states that Vocdoni’s technological prowess is one of the principal reasons why the Association is eager to go ahead with the merging. He adds that Aragon can be a major player in the decentralized governance adoption sector by taking full use of Vocdoni’s impressive technology.


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