Komodo’s AtomicDEX Testing Proves Successful; Can Effectively Connect BTC with ETH


Open source blockchain solutions provider, Komodo, launched Friday the beta version of its latest offering, the AtomicDEX. As per Komodo, the new platform aims to effectively permit trustless atomic swaps across varying blockchains, presently able to connect BTC, DOGE, and LTC with Ethereum’s tokens and blockchain.

Utilizing the new platform’s atomic swaps feature enables its users to transact directly with a blockchain’s native token. For example, one can now purchase ETH with BTC without converting the latter to a particular tokenized representation. It does just that by exchanging ownership of the coins on the blockchains itself.

Since the launch, the AtomicDEX was put through rigorous tests in order to prove that it can live up to its hefty promise, to resolve the underlying scalability issues regarding decentralized P2P non-custodial trades among exchanges. Komodo seemingly feels confident to say that AtomicDEX’s beta test proved successful.

According to Komodo, while previous tests predictably reflected several scalability issues, AtomicDEX’s latest stress analysis reinforces that its proposed solution to such matters is indeed an effective one. Thus, concluding AtomicDEX’s beta as a success. The company’s CTO, Kadan Stadelmann, stated they are now looking forward to the incoming Stable Beta launch in which they believe will be the actual demonstration of their capability.

With all that being said, many believe for AtomicDEX to encounter liquidity issues as well. However, Komodo’s new platform could definitely prove attractive to those who prefer centralized entities that supervise a particular token’s issuance. Hearing Komodo’s successful testing may just be music to their ears.


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