Korean Crypto Investment Giant, Hashed, Raised A Hundred Million Dollar Fund for Further Blockchain Projects


South Korea-based crypto asset manager, Hashed, has reportedly raised over $120 million to scale up further its blockchain ventures in what it personally calls the “protocol economy.” As per the report, Hashed raised the aforementioned funds by way of a brand new entity called the “Hashed Ventures Inc.,” which will then be responsible for the handling and subsequent deployment of the said sizeable figure. Notably, the company has not yet disclosed its supposed backers.

The firm’s CEO, Simon Kim, stated that they believe that people in the near future would no longer work for specific companies but instead work for different networks. He adds that Hashed plans to find the ideal networks that can both facilitate people’s life and work, thus, their massive investment. Kim then noted that the fund would soon go to several domestic and global startups that utilize blockchain technology in the hopes of finding said “the best” network.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the company’s investments are now seemingly spread widely across different blockchain platforms, applications, publishing, financial infrastructures, and many more.


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