Lawyers Send a Letter to RCMP Requesting for QuadrigaCX CEO’s Exhumation


Lawyers representing customers of the now non-operational digital currency exchange QuadrigaCX are now requesting RCMP to dig up and conduct a post-mortem examination on the body of its late founder, Gerald Cotten.

As per the letter posted on the Miller Thompson website on Dec. 13, the request is necessary given the mysterious conditions surrounding Cotton’s death and the substantial losses sustained by the crypto exchange’s users.

QuadrigaCX was once Canada’s leading cryptocurrency exchange until its owner’s sudden death last December, forcing it to close with 115,000 users at that time. Reports claimed that Cotton died at the age of 30 during his trip to India due to complications related to Crohn’s disease, with his passing kept a secret from the public for a month, leaving the company still operational but not allowing fund withdrawals at that time. 

Soon after his widow Jennifer Robertson publicly announced his death on QuadrigaCX website, the exchange went down filing for creditor insurance and claiming that Cotton was the only one who had access to passwords to cold wallets containing C$190 million in cryptocurrencies, triggering significant losses to its users. Notably, in October, Mrs. Robertson transferred more than $9 million worth hers and the Estate’s assets to QCX’s bankruptcy trustee to benefit these affected users

However, an investigation by Ernst and Young revealed that the cold wallets were empty, with the majority of the crypto holdings moved to other exchanges, claiming that Cotten might have used some of the digital currency. Online buzzes have circulated since speculating that Cotton forged his own death.

Robertson, through her lawyer Stewert McKelvey, then shared her displeasure upon learning of the request. She commented that Globe & Mail confirmed her late husband’s death and should not be doubted. She also thinks that exhumation and autopsy would not significantly contribute to asset recovery procedures.

Furthermore, the council says they would like their request to be resolved by the spring of 2020, given the concerns over the decomposition of Cotten’s body.


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