LinkedIn Says 2020 Would Be a Grand Year for Blockchain Professionals


LinkedIn’s educational subsidiary released its ranking of the professions that would be highly in-demand this year. Blockchain, a newcomer in the list, managed to beat major hard skills and climbed to the top. 

It’s worth noting that the professional social network’s report released early last year does not include Blockchain at all. 2019’s most in-demand skill was cloud computing. However, as per the blog post published by LinkedIn Learning on January 13, Blockchain-as-a-skill already had its fair share of employer interest at the beginning of 2019.

But, with established nations promoting the adoption of the technology such as China and the US, Blockchain managed to overtook significant skills such as cloud computing, analytical reasoning, user experience design, and artificial intelligence in the latter part of the year. 

LinkedIn Learning also included in the post how they came up with the list. Notably, the team defined the demand for each profession by analyzing major skills versus the number of professionals in each field. Notably, they have taken into consideration what the highest paid professionals have written in their LinkedIn profiles. However, it was clarified that the team analyzed only the communities with 100,000 LinkedIn members.

The blog post also defined the difference between soft and hard skills. Notably, soft skills refers to the way an employee think, adapt, make a decision, solve problems, and collaborate with co-employee to execute a particular task. Meanwhile, hard skills is defined as the ability of an employee to perform a specific task using technical skills and other specialized knowledge such as tax accounting, software development, and patent law expertise, among others. 

Why Blockchain will reign this year

As emphasized by LinkedIn Learning, 2020 would mark the beginning of the grandest years for Blockchain. The main reason behind the rise is the immense potential of the technology in terms of providing secure, decentralized, and time-efficient ways of conducting transactions across a multitude of industries. 

Aside from major nations, the educational subsidiary also highlighted the efforts of the leading companies in the world in terms of promoting Blockchain. The list of supporters includes Microsoft, JPMorgan, Amazon, Oracle, and IBM. These firms, as emphasized in the report, are all living proof that a company doesn’t have to be in the financial industry to require a Blockchain professional.

The versatility of the technology which can be applied to services of all types is hailed as the main force that drove Blockchain from the shadowy world of cryptocurrencies towards the forefront. 



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