Maisie Williams Hints Interest in Cryptocurrencies, Particularly Bitcoin


English actress Maisie Williams, most popularly known for her stint as Anya Stark in the cultural phenomenon HBO TV series, Game of Thrones (GoT), has hinted on Twitter her interest in Bitcoin (BTC). And due to her name value and overall popularity, several crypto industry personalities swarmed onto her original Tweet. They offered a slew of advice – seemingly urging the actress to indeed step forward on the very concept.

This particular November 16th tweet by Williams simply says: “should I go long on Bitcoin?” As of press time, more than half of the 118,190 responses she had on her Tweet advised her to follow through with the thought and invest in the digital asset. Considering her estimated net worth of more than $6 million, she has indeed more than the needed capability to do so.

The popular actress is still to respond following the wave of mentions and GoT crypto puns she received after the said Tweet. That being said, prominent personalities pondering the concept of Bitcoin investment on Twitter and being bombarded with many mentions and annoying urges aren’t new anymore. As reported by Coinmod back in May, famous writer, JK Rowling did the same and has since commented on it by stating that she regrets ever mentioning Bitcoin on Twitter. She adds that rather than helping her see the digital asset’s potential, tweeting about it only annoyed her more than anything else.



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