Metamask Receives another Huge Update: Moves Away From Its Open-Source Nature


MetaMask, has received yet another update after its slew of small changes. a week ago, MetaMask announced the dates for its plans to change its code in order to create significant improvements within its dapps. It has also clarified its plans to move away from its initial open-source nature driven by the persisting issues brought by people taking advantage of its free code.


In response to that, MetaMask has decided to overhaul the license of its products. Despite the shift from its free nature, MetaMask clarified that the latest updates would not compromise end-users. The company stated that most non-profits and developers would remain entirely free for them.


Furthermore, MetaMask intend to remain focused on the wallet supplier API responsible for the public demographic. This is to ensure that the cross-compatible applications within them would continue to grow and thrive. Finally, the company made it clear that it still plans to publish its code to the public.


The decision to move away from its open-source nature


As per the lead developer of MetaMask, Dan Finlay, giving other companies the keys to its source code to use for their own business is not sustainable for MetaMask. Finlay then wrote a blog post stating that even though free software can potentially solve many critical problems with relative ease, it does not mean that it receives fair compensation for the work it has provided. Free software, such as MetaMask relies on donations, copyleft licenses, and grants to sustain.


Finlay also stated that developers should not be pressured upon choosing whether it likes to continue making free software or should create branded ones. According to him, there should be a neutral playing ground in the MetaMask ecosystem, meaning that developers can create both software kinds as they see fit.


Lastly, MetaMask reinforced its decision by stating that it would need fair compensation for it to continue pumping out high-quality products moving forward – and remaining as open-source just wouldn’t be enough anymore.


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