Miami Mayor Says That 90% of all BTC Mining Operations Are from ‘Dirty Energy’; now in the Effort to Change Just That


Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, spoke to Laura Shin, a crypto-journalist, on the ‘Unconfirmed’ podcast this past March 26th about the adverse effects of Bitcoin (BTC) mining with regards to the environment. According to the Miami Mayor, about 90% of the mined BTC are performed outside of the United States. He then explained that BTC mining’s reputation as a so-called “dirty activity” is warranted at its current state as the majority of it is indeed facilitated via dirty energy in other countries.

Perhaps in the effort to change such, Suarez then revealed that he desires Miami to evolve into a BTC mining hub that fully utilizes renewable clean energy. Miami has the nuclear power capacity at its disposal. Thus, it already has a supply of clean energy that is practically unlimited, says Suarez. And he didn’t stop there; the city’s Mayor then argued that hydro and solar-powered technology could enter the fray down the line.

On top of the dirty energy concerns, Suarez believes that the unease felt by many Americans regarding BTC’s national security is also due to the fact that the majority of mining operations are performed outside the country’s borders. Seeing as Suarez is a BTC advocate for quite some time now, notably proposing last month that Miami residents should be able to pay for services via the crypto, his pleas and efforts for cleaner mining facilitation wouldn’t surely go unheard by the crypto space.


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