Mick Mulvaney Joins Digital Chamber Alongside Two Banking Giants, Visa and Goldman Sachs


 This last Wednesday, the Chamber of Digital Commerce – commonly referred to as Digital Chamber, welcomed Mick Mulvaney, the former acting chief of staff in the White House, as part of its board of advisors. Alongside Mulvaney, banking giants Visa and Goldman Sachs were also announced as new executive members.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is a major blockchain support group established in Washington, D.C. Perianne Boring, the founder of Digital Chamber, commented on this new development by saying that diverse views, leadership styles, and experiences, is most welcome to the group. She believes that diversity within both the private and public sectors would play a vital role in the future of blockchain within the country. Boring adds that having Mulvaney, Visa, and Goldman Sachs’ support is a massive thing for them.

As already established above, Mick Mulvaney was formerly included in the US House of Representatives, serving as White House’s standing chief of staff from December 2018 to this last March 2020. Boring states that Mulvaney’s experience as a notable legislator will significantly assist the group’s efforts to navigate Congress’s complicated field. She says that Mulvaney would also help them better understand the regulator’s honest view of blockchain technology.

As per the addition of Visa and Goldman Sachs, this continues the trend of banking giants paying more attention to cryptocurrencies. Cuy Sheffield, the crypto head of Visa, says that their organization is exploring the potential of digital currencies more than ever, as it may be the key for Visa to grow even more.


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