Microsoft Files an Unusual Patent About Crypto Mining


On Thursday, IT giant Microsoft surprised the cryptocurrency industry with a new patent application. As reported, the firm works on a new proof-of-work algorithm that would rely on body activities in terms of running the system.

Notably, the patent application goes by the name “Cryptocurrency system using data on body activity.” It would use biometric information like brain waves, organ activity, blood flow, and body radiation, and movement to mine cryptocurrency. There is a server that would receive such information via sensor transmission that is connected to the user’s body.

Microsoft further explained that the sensor is capable of discerning between varying brain waves, such as alpha, beta, and gamma, which are related to subconscious thoughts, logical thinking, and memory tasks or learning, respectively. Users who would be able to complete the tasks such as using chatbots, watching ads, and contributing to content-sharing sites would be given cryptocurrencies as a form of reward.

It’s not a secret that most of today’s Blockchain networks require users to perform extensive computation work and energy-intensive systems before they can mine cryptocurrency. In the new application, Microsoft stressed that while the system still carries some aspect of  a proof-of-work mechanism, the computational-related struggles would be removed out of the picture. The work would be “unconsciously” performed by users. Notably, the system can efficiently read any information that can be sensed, as well as those data that can be represented by signals, waves, numbers, degrees, and images, among others.

According to Decrypt, this development was one of the results of the collaboration between Microsoft, ConsenSys, and Ernst & Young sealed earlier this month.



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