MicroStrategy Board of Directors May Now Receive Their Respective Bonuses in BTC Instead Of Cash


Business analytics company MicroStrategy’s faith and dedication to Bitcoin (BTC) has once again been put on full display following its announcement that its active Board of Directors would now be receiving their bonuses not by traditional cash but instead via the surging crypto.

As per the announcement, MicroStrategy’s Board of Directors amended the current compensation arrangements for directors that are presently categorized as non-employees. Moving forward, those who would fall into such a category would now receive all service fees in BTC form.

To further specify, the new arrangement means that the amount of Board fees payable for those classified as non-employee directors would remain untouched. It will only be technically denominated to USD. This means that all non-employee directors’ fees would promptly be converted from USD to BTC at the time of payment, which the firm would then deposit to their respective digital wallets.

The fact that MicroStrategy’s Board approved of this monumental change proves as yet another testament to the firm’s seemingly unending dedication to anything BTC. As reported by Coinmod just last week, MicroStrategy invested another $15 million towards the crypto, which now puts its total accumulated BTC “war chest” at over $4 billion. As mind-boggling as that figure may already appear to be, the firm is seemingly set to invest further down the line.


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