NCFTA Welcomes Binance in Its Crusade against Cybercrime – The First Blockchain Platform to Join


Binance, today’s most prominent crypto and blockchain platform in the world, announced this January 18, 2022, its official inclusion within the nonprofit enterprise aiming to dispel cybercrime, the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, or NCFTA. Notably, this development also marks the first time the alliance officially onboarded a crypto or blockchain platform within their ranks.

Established 20 years ago, the NCFTA collaborates with various businesses, academic entities, and the authorities to identify several cybercrime-related threats to which they then try and eliminate or mitigate. Binance’s global intelligence and investigations vice president, Tigran Gambaryan, commented on the newly-formed partnership with NCFTA by stating that the exchange now intends to be the alliance’s leading contributor on its ongoing crusade against cybercrime.

He then adds that ensuring the crypto industry is safe for the entire community to participate in is one of Binance’s top priorities. Gambaryan believes joining the NCFTA is the correct and most logical move to achieve just that.

As per the new partnership, Binance would gain access to NCFTA’s cybercrime-focused team of analysts as well as the alliance’s highly-touted threat trend tracking prowess. This, in turn, would further bolster the exchange’s already established blockchain and crypto fraud combat team, the Binance Investigations Group.



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