New York’s COVID-19 Blockchain Passport is set to Launch Next Week


Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced last week that the state’s blockchain-based COVID-19 passport, the Excelsior Pass, is set to launch this coming Friday, April 2 state-wide. Cuomo states that New Yorkers have more than proven themselves capable of following public health advisories in the effort to mitigate COVID-19 cases. Adding in the innovative Excelsior Pass project, more NY-based economic sectors are expected to reopen safely whilst also preserving the security of everyone’s personal information.

As per the governor’s office release, starting April 2, New Yorkers may now be able to either store or print out their passes on their respective smartphones via the Excelsior Pass Wallet application, mirroring how mobile airline boarding passes work. The pass will then be used to validate an individual’s recent negative antigen test or PCR result in order to hasten the eventual reopening of event venues and businesses. Notably, the pass would also confirm whether the individual is vaccinated or not.

If all things go according to plan, New York is set to be the very first state to introduce COVID-19 passports. That being said, once officially implemented, many believe that other states would soon follow suit, thus, opening the door for a much-needed nationwide economic resurgence.

Both Times Union Center and Madison Square Garden have now announced their intention to participate in implementing the Excelsior pass. Other notable locations are expected to be added simultaneously to the program’s expansion.


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