NFL Superstar Tom Brady Hints At Owning BTC; Twitter Profile Now Has the Trademark Laser Eyes


Multi-time NFL Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady, hinted recently at his apparent intention to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). This is then further solidified by the recent change of his Twitter profile to one now with laser eyes, which is widely seen by the internet community as something that proves one’s dedication to the surging cryptocurrency.

While many now believe that Brady’s foray into BTC is but a matter of time, his recent change in his Twitter profile came actually after Blockworks co-founder, Jason Yanowitz, tweeted the particular rumor that Brady is indeed looking into BTC investing while also imploring his followers to retweet said tweet to get the attention the NFL GOAT.  Notably, Yanowitz also included the edited image of Brady with the laser eyes.

As big as Brady’s name and brand may appear to be, his apparent hinting of the intention online did not seem to affect the crypto’s price that much. As of press time, BTC’s global market price is just a tad above $57,600, as it has risen by a total of 8% within the past week. Even if that’s the case, many personalities from the crypto space, including MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor, seemingly feels eager to welcome Brady into the fold. Only time could tell how the NFL GOAT could impact BTC down the line; if he does so, turn such rumors into reality.


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