NFT Auctions Are Now Available In the eBay Platform


A week after eBay CEO Jamie Iannone expressed interest in entering the recently-surging non-fungible token (NFT) market, the online marketplace giant confirms today that NFTs are now indeed available for sale within the platform.

According to Reuters, platform users can now list NFTs as long as they meet the specific criteria imposed by the company. Although partially limited, for now, the company says that it plans to extend its tools and policies regarding digital collectables down the line.

Despite the announcement just released today, NFTs are actually already purchasable within eBay – albeit via more complex means. Iannone recognized this and is what seemingly compelled him to go ahead and simplify the whole process. As per a spokesperson of eBay at that time, the platform is ecstatic about the innate capabilities of blockchain-based collectables. It quickly drives authenticity and trust to the digital space, which is considered the principal components of a thriving marketplace, says the eBay official.

On top of the NFT integration, Iannone previously hinted that eBay is looking into launching crypto payments services as well. Many now believe that crypto payments within eBay are imminent and may be introduced sooner rather than later.


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