NFTs in Minecraft Is Drawing Near Thanks To the Partnership of Coincheck and Enjin


Minecraft, the second best-selling video game of all time, may soon introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) thanks to the recent partnership project of the Japan-based crypto exchange Coincheck and the Enjin blockchain firm. Coincheck, which is japan’s leading crypto exchange, announced that Minecraft’s NFTs would be released within the Enjin Platform by the final strands of this year.

By utilizing Enjin’s open-source plugin within Minecraft, gamers will now be able to integrate their blockchain wallets within the game to have the chance to trade dedicated blockchain assets and in-game items in exchange for actual crypto assets. Although the proposed marketplace will be housed within a video game, it is also worth noting that these digital assets and in-game merchandise may sell for quite a sum – even amounting to thousands of USD. Once the project has been finalized and launched, users may now view their current Ethereum and Enjin Coin balances using the menu interfaces within the Minecraft itself.

Coincheck admitted that it has been aiming to develop its very own NFT Marketplace for quite some time now. According to the exchange, their partnership with Enjin has just turned that dream into a reality – and they couldn’t be any happier to get them on board.

Despite Minecraft seemingly at the center of it all, Enjin clarified that this project is made possible by their partnership with Coincheck and not with the game’s actual developers, Mojang itself. With all that being said, the three parties involved are all seemingly aboard this ambitious project. Only time will tell now whether it becomes a success or not.


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