NVIDIA Is Looking To Create a Processor Dedicated To Ethereum Mining


NVIDIA, the company most famous for its computer graphics cards and gaming chips, has recently announced its plans to develop a brand new graphical processing unit (GPU) dedicated to Ethereum mining. The new GPU will then be named NVIDIA CMP, or crypto mining processor.

In contrast to the latest graphics driver offering by Nvidia, the RTX 3060, which can run jaw-dropping graphical fidelity, the NVIDIA CMP will solely be for computing power. The company specifically tailored its absence of any display outputs to improve internal airflow and electrical use, thus drastically increasing its efficiency.

According to NVIDIA, the incoming NVIDIA CMP GPU is to make sure that their graphics cards are used the way they intend it to be – for games, not to mine cryptos. This effort is also driven by the recent displeasure of NVIDIA’s primary demographic, the gamers, regarding the supply shortage of NVIDIA products due to crypto miners purposefully using them as more cost-effective mining tools.

While it may now prove common for mining farms to incorporate NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series GPUs into their framework operations, it is clear that the company is against this. In exchange for developing a dedicated mining GPU, NVIDIA intends to reprogram its RTX 3060 drivers to intentionally slow down once it detects any form of mining activity.

The lower-tier NVIDIA CMPs is scheduled to release sometime in the first quarter of 2021, while its higher-tier models are expected to follow in the second quarter.


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