NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Promises To Turn the City into a Bitcoin Hub


New York City’s mayoral frontrunner, Eric Adams, expressed recently his plans to turn NYC into a Bitcoin (BTC) hub practically the same as Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez’s promise for his city the months prior. According to Adams, NYC will be a completely different city the following year if he is indeed seated, as is its mayor. He vows to turn NYC to become a center of revolutionary technology, life science, and BTC.

The New York Times report indicates that Adams currently holds a massive lead in votes, about 75,000, compared to Maya Wiley, his closest rival. His frontrunner status is then further set in stone following Andrew Yang, another candidate and fellow BTC advocate, decided to drop out of the race after receiving only 11.7% of total votes back in the mayoral race’s early stages.

Notably, public records show that one of Adams’ contributors is also a crypto proponent, former child star Brock Pierce. Pierce particularly donated $2,000 to Adams’ campaign back in December of last year – accumulating to a total of $10,000 of contributions towards NYC politicians.

On top of his promise to render NYC the center of all technologies, Adams also vows to continue his mission in uniting the people of NYC no matter what their background and race may be.


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