NYDIG: Governments Are Now Starting To Comprehend BTC; May Soon Be Major Investors


As per the CEO of New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), Robert Gutmann, state-owned asset funds are now looking into the prospect of one day purchasing Bitcoin (BTC). Gutmann states in the latest virtual podcast episode with Real Vision founder Raoul Pal that the NYDIG is now in active talks with several sovereign monetary funds on the possibility of BTC investments.

Pal then supplemented Gutmann’s statements by confirming that Temasek, the Singaporean sovereign monetary fund, is now an investor of the crypto. Temasek, which currently holds approximately $306 billion in assets, has already been actively buying newly-mined BTCs from several miners, as per Pal.

While such a development may catch some by surprise, several personalities from the crypto world have already foreseen the governments’ imminent entry into BTC investing for quite some time now. According to them, governments will more than likely follow the decision to invest substantially in BTC of some of today’s biggest companies, such as Tesla and Microstrategy. And that is precisely what is happening right now.


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