OpenSea Warns Users to be Extra Vigilant of Phishing Scams in the Wake of its Discord Server Getting Hacked


Today’s largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea confirmed that its main verified Discord channel fell victim to a server breach with the perpetrators posting fake “YouTube partnership” notices to scam unknowing OpenSea consumers. The popular NFT marketplace then went to Twitter following this confirmation to warn everyone to be extra vigilant on clicking links, especially those posted by their Discord channel, while they do their best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

The hacker’s initial post, which was published in the server’s announcements channel, claimed that the NFT marketplace had collaborated with YouTube to amalgamate their community into the NFT space. On top of that, the fraudulent post also stated that OpenSea would release a mint pass that would effectively allow holders to mint their respective projects free of charge. Needless to say, all these claims aren’t true and are only a byproduct concocted by the hacker to scam the millions of OpenSea users.

As per the reports, the hacker was able to stay on the server for quite a long time before OpenSea’s security division was able to regain control. In a desperate attempt to instill FOMO in the unfortunate victims of his scam, the hacker reposted follow-ups to the initial illicit announcement, reposting the phony link with the claim that 70% of the total supply had already been minted. Notably, the scammer also stated that YouTube itself would provide substantial utilities to those who claimed the NFTs.

Unfortunately, on-chain data shows that 13 wallets have already been compromised by the phishing scam as of press time, with the most valuable stolen NFT being a Founder’s Pass worth about $8,982.58 or 3.33 ETH.


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