Opera Pioneers the Incorporation of .Crypto Domain Extension and InterPlanetary File System within Its Services


This March 26th, Opera announced that they are in collaboration with Unstoppable Domains to provide the major browser’s users access to decentralized websites. Unstoppable Domains is a technological firm that is supported by Tim Draper.

This partnership between the two will indeed mean that users of the Opera website would now have full access to decentralized websites on top of being able to conduct cryptocurrency payments on the platform.

However, that isn’t the only noteworthy development conducted by the web browser. In addition to the .Crypto Domain Extensions, Opera also integrated the InterPlanetary File System within their browser. The aforementioned is a protocol that allocates web hosting and files sharing through a vast network containing more than a thousand computers.

The incorporation of the InterPlanetary File System means that the Opera Browser is adding further support for the advocacy of a censorship-resistant internet – one that can’t be shut down by any organization that is centralized.

Opera has since been the very first major browser to integrate both the .Crypto Domain Extension and InterPlanetary File System within its services.

Opera’s plan to remove intermediaries and internet censorship

The announcement further expounds that Blockchain domains are kept by its owner instead of registrar companies. Additionally, decentralized websites are kept on peer-to-peer networks (P2P), instead of cloud services. This means that it is indeed possible to conduct any transactions without utilizing a middleman on top of avoiding unwanted censorship.

Unstoppable Domains explains that the development will sadly take a toll on the current speed of the internet connection for the time being. However, as time pass by, people would notice that a distributed network is indeed a whole lot stronger. They will see that it has far better uptime and risk management measures to hinder DDoS attacks and more.

On the topic of internet censorship, on the other hand, Unstoppable Domains noted that even though decentralized domains may help users bypass censorship from the publishing standpoint, they are still unreliable in the aiding of viewers regarding the jurisdictions that come with issues concerning surveillance, censorship, and de-anonymization.

They explained that with the current state of the web, users that are facing particular issues might need to utilize VPNs or any similar tool to get around it. On top of that, an individual cannot publish anything using the traditional domain registrar in the case that they are in a place that actively limits freedom of speech. Decentralized websites enable you just that, it solves the user’s capability to publish anywhere and anytime.

This recent noteworthy developments within the Opera Browser can be seen as the industry’s big push for a whole new internet for the future.


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