Pakistani President Arif Alvi Wants More Blockchain Technology Training for the Country’s Human Resources


In a particular meeting with a group of blockchain technology experts, Arif Alvi, the current president of Pakistan, signaled for more training in the field of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and blockchain for the country’s human resources teams.

According to the Pakistani president, rendering the country’s people more aware of the utility and importance of these technologies, especially blockchain, could significantly benefit both the public and private sectors. This includes more robust transaction tracking, which, in turn, could potentially reduce corruption.

The president also stated that this development is particularly needed for the country’s talents to get in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Interestingly, this meeting with several blockchain experts came shortly before president Alvi appointed Noor Muhammad Dummar as the senior finance minister for Pakistan’s Balochistan province. It is also worth noting that the country’s federal ministries of law and finance have yet to express their true views on cryptocurrencies. Whether they are considering a crypto ban is still uncertain. That being said, the country’s central bank has already gone on to say that cryptos, such as Bitcoin (BTC), are illegal and should not facilitate any form of trade.

Nevertheless, these conflicting views among Pakistan’s high-ranking authorities did little to nothing regarding the country’s crypto adoption for the past year. Studies show that adoption within Pakistan has been steadily climbing despite the cloud of uncertainty. As it currently stands, the country sits as having the third-highest crypto adoption rate – only behind Vietnam and India.



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