Particl’s New Feature Allows Merchants to Create Personalized Stores


Particl, an open-source privacy platform announced on September 12 the new features of its Blockchain-based Market Place. Vendors and merchants can now create stores for a particular set of audiences and manage them with ease and convenience.

The details about the new feature are revealed by the Particl development team. As per the announcement, the updated version of the Open Marketplace software will allow merchants to set up a store and share them with a specific group of consumers. They can do as many as they need as the new feature comes without a limit. The marketplaces within the ecosystem would be accessible only to those users who have verified IDs for respective markets. 

How does the new feature works?

Particle team highlights the important details of the new offering. Merchants who would set up their customized stores on the Open Marketplace can aggregate a variety of products within a single ecosystem.

For example, a merchant who wants to offer exclusive promos or discounts for his or her valued customers can set up a private marketplace. The access keys would be provided only to the intended customers. They can view the unique items and take advantage of the special offerings. Meanwhile, the other sets of the merchant’s customers would have no idea that such promos exist. 

Paul Schmitzer, the head of Particl’s project marketing and strategy department, shared some of the initiatives behind the development of the product. He noted that it is vital for merchants and vendors to have a private marketplace for their premium clients. The new software would enable them to take advantage of their key demographics and to target their audiences in a whole new way. Schmitzer also called their product a gamechanger and the first of its kind. 

Next-generation market place.

  Blockchain is an evolutionary new technology dramatically tiptoes within every industry of our society. Divers industries claims the benefits and potentials of Blockchain technology. Among the long list of the benefit is the ability to provide the public with more power and security over their private information. Innovative tools with the objective of meeting consumers’ needs in the most precise manner are recurrently introduced.

Particl Project is one of the prime examples of a great Blockchain innovation. Particl definitely is the pioneer of the Blockchain-based open market platform.  Particle enables vendors and consumers with powerful tools to create a new breed of the dynamic market place with security and privacy.  

A rising number of merchants around the world have expressed their interest in harnessing the potentials of Blockchain technology. Particl certainly is right on the track for the next-generation market place.

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